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CJI joins implementation phase of Utah juvenile justice reforms

SALT LAKE CITY – The Crime and Justice Institute has joined officials in Utah to begin implementing sweeping juvenile justice reforms signed into law by Gov. Gary Herbert in March. Read More »

CRJ hosts panel of experts to discuss fairness in criminal justice

BOSTON -- More than 50 guests attended CRJ’s community conversation, the latest in an occasional series of panel discussions on topics around criminal justice reform, at the offices of Choate, Hall & Stewart in Boston. The panel included Evans, Suffolk County District Attorney Dan Conley, and Dr. Bianca Bersani, an associate professor of sociology at the University of Massachusetts at Boston. Christine Cole, executive director of the Crime and Justice Institute at CRJ, moderated the discussion, which focused on the concept of procedural justice. Read More »

Utah governor signs massive juvenile justice reform bill

Utah's governor has signed into law sweeping juvenile justice reforms designed to reduce the number of youth in out-of-home placement by 47 percent over five years.  Read More »

South Dakota governor signs mental health reform bill into law

Pierre, SD – On March 15, South Dakota Gov. Dennis Daugaard signed HB 1183 into law. This mental health reform bill is the result of eight months of study by Chief Justice David Gilbertson and his Task Force on Community Justice and Mental Illness Early Intervention. Read More »

Oklahoma governor’s task force releases massive criminal justice reform policy package

On Feb. 1, the Oklahoma Justice Reform Task Force, established by Gov. Mary Fallin, released a comprehensive package of 27 policy recommendations aimed at improving public safety by holding offenders accountable, reducing recidivism, and controlling corrections costs.The Crime and Justice Institute along with the Pew Charitable Trusts provided technical assistance to the Task Force. Read More »

CJI receives Shannon grant to continue anti-gang violence work in Fall River

BOSTON, Mass. – The Crime and Justice Institute at CRJ has received a $42,400 grant through the Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety and Security to continue working to help curb gang violence in Fall River. Read More »

South Dakota task force on mental health recommends reforms to governor

The task force’s work was funded through a $302,500 grant from The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust. The Crime and Justice Institute at CRJ, which assisted the Governor and Chief Justice with recent adult and juvenile criminal justice reforms, provided technical assistance. Read More »

Crime and Justice Institute receives $4.4 million in federal grants

The Crime and Justice Institute (CJI) at Community Resources for Justice has received two federal grants totaling $4.4 million to continue working with states to develop and implement data-driven policies to reduce juvenile and adult corrections costs, increase public safety, and get a better return on taxpayer investment.  Read More »

Oklahoma Governor Launches Massive Criminal Justice Reform Initiative; CJI to Provide Expert Support

On August 31st, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin kicked off a comprehensive review of the state’s criminal justice system in an effort to curb Oklahoma’s growing prison population and improve public safety. The Crime and Justice Institute, with its partners at the Pew Charitable Trusts, have been working in Oklahoma since June to support these efforts. Read More »

CRJ Honors Retiring CJCA Executive Director

Council of Juvenile Correctional Administrators founding Executive Director Ned Loughran is honored on August 6th, 2016. Read More »

Getting “Smart” on Juvenile Justice at the American Correctional Association (ACA) 2016 conference

Panelists from the Crime and Justice Institute and South Dakota Department of Corrections discuss states’ efforts in pursuing evidence-based implementation strategies to advance juvenile justice reforms. Read More »

Riverside County (CA) to begin using validated and updated pretrial assessment tool

With CJI's assistance, Riverside County has completed a local validation study of the VPRAI, a pretrial assessment tool they began implementing in 2014 to increase pretrial efficiency. Read More »

NEW Report: Reshaping Restrictive Housing at South Dakota State Penitentiary

A new report by CJI details reforms to restrictive housing (otherwise known as segregation or solitary confinement) implemented within a state penitentiary. The report, the first of its kind, tells the story of a 2-year partnership between the South Dakota Department of Corrections and CJI, funded by the Bureau of Justice Assistance, to safely transform restrictive housing and share their successes and lessons learned. Read More »

New paper responds to controversial ‘Machine Bias’ article

In this new paper, authors Anthony Flores, Christopher Lowenkamp, and CJI's Kristin Bechtel respond to a ProPublica story about potential racial bias in risk assessment. The authors conduct an independent analysis using identical data, finding no such evidence of predictive bias by race.  Read More »

Alaska state leaders make historic shift in criminal justice policy

The Alaska legislature and Governor Bill Walker completed a year’s worth of work with the passage of comprehensive criminal justice reform legislation that was part of the Justice Reinvestment Initiative. The new law shifts the focus of the criminal justice system from incapacitation to public safety and will enable Alaska to reduce recidivism and support treatment and supervision in the community.  Read More »

Exploring the Relationship Between Pretrial Detention, Criminal Offending, and Pretrial Outcomes

In this new report, researcher Alex Holsinger examines the impact of pretrial detention on failure to appear and new criminal activity during the pretrial and post-disposition periods. The report explores whether or not a pretrial stay has an impact on later criminal offending behavior.  Read More »

NEW Publication - The Effects of Pretrial Detention on Self-Reported Outcomes

In this new report resulting from CJI's work on Justice Reinvestment at the Local Level, researcher Alex Holsinger, Ph.D., analyzes the impact of pretrial detention on several non-criminal justice related using a mixture of self-report and official data. Read More »

Justice Reinvestment - South Dakota

Our second report in our new series describes the Crime and Justice Institute’s (CJI) role in supporting justice reinvestment in South Dakota.  Read More »

Justice Reinvestment: Georgia - first in our new series

Our first report in our new series brief report describes the Crime and Justice Institute’s (CJI) role in supporting justice reinvesetment in Georgia.  Read More »

Bechtel presents on Delaware pretrial work at NCJA Regional Pretrial Conference

Christian Kervick and the Hon. Alan Davis, two leaders of pretrial reform in the Delaware criminal justice system, presented alongside CJI’s Kristin Bechtel on the process of creating, implementing, and validating the State’s pretrial risk assessment tool, as well as lessons learned from the initiative.  Read More »

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