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BRIDGEPORT, Conn. — NBC CT’s Ted Koppy recently featured Family ReEntry’s RISE program for formerly incarcerated women and one of its clients, Gennifer, in a segment showcasing the impact reentry programs can have in helping individuals build strong foundations for their futures.

Family ReEntry is a subdivision of Community Resources, and its RISE program serves women in the Bridgeport area during their transition from incarceration to the community. RISE won a 2021 NBC and Telemundo Connecticut Project Innovation grant for its work supporting individuals like Gennifer, who was released from incarceration after a lengthy prison stay and relocated to Connecticut from her native Chicago.

After leaving prison, Gennifer started her own business and was able to see her 18-year-old daughter in person for the first time since she was born.

“It’s a great feeling and if I can do it, a lot more can do it,” Gennifer said.

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