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Community Strategies supports adults with developmental or intellectual disabilities through specialized programs in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Our approach follows the tenets of Positive Behavioral Supports, emphasizing delivery of care to meet a person’s specific needs.

Simply put, we provide care tailored to the needs of individuals we serve; we don’t look to make individuals fit into our programs.

We offer a range of residential and day programs under contracts with various state agencies to support people in the places they want to live. Residential models include shared living arrangements with home providers, more than 35 community-based group homes, and supported apartment programs. All residential models offer nursing support to individuals with complex medical needs.

We also offer an array of flexible non-residential services, such as in-home supports, community participation services, and employment services to assist people in the communities in which they already live.

At Community Strategies, we bring a unique combination of a clear understanding of people with developmental disabilities and competence in treatment of the mental health issues that often occur in this population. Our supportive programs empower many people who might otherwise be living in institutional settings to thrive as active and engaged members of the communities where they live, work, and volunteer.

Our staff provides a balanced mix of supervision, treatment, and freedom that makes these community settings nurturing environments.

Grounded in the firm belief in the therapeutic benefits of human relationships as the basis for growth and change, we challenge the individuals in our programs to become as independent as possible. We encourage them to exercise their right to take risks as well as their responsibility to actively participate in their service planning.

We ensure that our clients’ human and civil rights are respected, and we keep clients informed of their rights so they can advocate for themselves. With the appropriate amounts of support and supervision, they can achieve greater independence and confidence to pursue their personal goals.

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Bonnie, Shared Living

Shared Living

Bonnie Leppanen came to live with Hang and Bob Surprenaunt in 2013 through CRJ's Shared Living program. Today, Bonnie, once shy and anxious, has become part of the family.

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