Stories from Our Clients

Bonnie Leppanen came to live with Hang and Bob Surprenant in 2013 through CRJ's Shared Living program. Today, Bonnie, once shy and anxious, has become part of the family.

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Dan Kentley Shares the Secret to His Success at Work

The grocery store hired Dan, who is supported by CRJ/CS’ shared living programs, when the store first opened in 2014. Dan is a bagger but does many things to help the store run smoothly and to make customers happy. “I bag, and I make sure there are customers that come into my line,” Dan said.

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Touring the Nation’s Capital: David’s Trip to D.C.

In helping CRJ’s clients grasp a better understanding of the world around them, CRJ staff encourage our clients to embark on an exploratory trip, big or small, to learn about what goes on in life beyond the residential programs. David Prioa, of Wrentham, had the opportunity in February to visit our nation’s capital. David had

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Reaching for the Stars: Justin’s Story

A whiz with computers and social media, Justin has used his skills to help staff at Westminster House with computer issues. He’s taken classes in broadcasting and dreams of one day working for a sports radio station. Justin says the support he’s received at Westminster House has helped him develop new skills. “I didn’t use

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Herbie Makes a Difference at Home and in the Community

When he’s not cooking, Herbie works part-time at McDonald’s, listens to music, shoots pool, and works out at a local gym. For the past several years, Herbie has been a proud and active member of the Brockton Lions Club. The club is best known for fighting blindness, but the members also volunteer for many different

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