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Stories from Our Clients

Reggie Talbert is a former resident of Coolidge House, a residential reentry center for individuals transitioning from incarceration to the community.

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“I Wasn’t Alone”: Reggie Talbert’s Success Story

Reggie had a difficult childhood, in and out of trouble with his family and the law. As a teen, he suffered an accidental gunshot wound that doctors were convinced would leave him paralyzed. Good care and physical therapy allowed him to regain strength and mobility. Still, he ended up on the wrong side of the…

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Knowing Happiness: A Letter from a Former Brooke House Resident

The letter, written by resident Mr. Wallace (not his real name), began as many stories of the formerly incarcerated do, by describing one’s search for their place in a new world. Mr. Wallace wrote, “Ironically, when I first came here, I wanted to go right back to prison rather than being free. I simply didn’t…

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