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The Social Justice Services division provides residential and non-residential services and programming in addition to staff development opportunities for our workforce.

We firmly believe that change is possible and attainable for all that we serve. With a strict focus on outcomes, the Social Justice Services Division is committed to delivering contemporary and evidence-based services to the individuals in our care. Through delivering innovative programming and collaborating with community agencies, we provide hope and support to our clients as they make safe and successful transitions into their communities.

Our division includes both residential and non-residential programming options that focus on treating the entire individual, their family, and our communities. Social Justice Services is committed to delivering individualized services to each person in our care. Specifically, our division provides programming built on the Risk-Need-Responsivity model of care, which is comprised of a host of techniques proven to promote positive behavior change, reduce the likelihood of reoffending, and increase opportunities to enhance pro-social success.

The division contracts with federal, state, and county agencies to operate both residential and non-residential programs.

Residential Reentry Centers

The division currently operates eight residential reentry centers that provide support and structure to men and women as they transition from incarceration back into their communities. Residents receive assistance in obtaining steady employment, supportive housing, education and training opportunities, and substance abuse and mental health counseling services.


The division has been successful in its efforts to expand services to new arenas. For example, Overcoming the Odds, a non-residential program designed to work with high-risk, incarcerated individuals prior to their release from correctional custody, began in 2013 as a partnership between CRJ, the Boston Police Department, and the Massachusetts Department of Correction. The program operated until 2016.

Social Justice Services employs a highly-trained and diverse workforce that is committed to delivering the highest quality of services to all our clients. With the support of the division’s Watson Academy, a hub for staff development and ongoing training, our employees are equipped with the skills necessary to be effective leaders in the field. The roles of our employees range from those that are clinical in nature to those that focus on safety and security. It is this unique approach to our work that has led to our success in relevant outcome areas.

At Social Justice Services, we are firmly committed to ensuring equal opportunities for all individuals, regardless of their histories or current circumstances. We believe that justice should be applied equally to the individuals we serve, their families, and the neighborhoods that we work in. This is our commitment to our clients, to ourselves, and to our world.

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Nicole, former Hampshire House resident

After being incarcerated for seven and a half years, Nicole Martin spent nine months at Hampshire House, one of CRJ’s residential reentry centers.

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