The Hampshire House staff received this letter of gratitude from a former resident who had recently completed her stay and moved into a permanent home.

As I sit here at my uncle’s house in my room, a room I decorated and renovated with my parents yesterday, I am filled with an overwhelming feeling of gratitude. For the first time since I have left prison last June, I feel like I am home. I am sure you are accustomed to hearing complaints, which I have probably made before too. However, today, I would like to say thank you.

I know that I would not be where I am today without the support of the Hampshire House staff. Many of you have gone out of your way to assist me in my rehabilitative efforts, and it has not gone unnoticed during this difficult transition period in my life.

I am not so ignorant to discard the reality that sometines saying “yes” means more work for you, or that many days you are faced with the problems of many coming at you from every angle.

I also know I am not perfect and have made my share of misguided decisions along the way, but the CRJ team has been there to build me up. Today, I have employment that is intrinsically rewarding while also helping me to gain marketable skills and workforce credibility.

I am also back in college…a dream that seemed impossible not so long ago. It is hard work to bring my aspirations into fruition, but I have had great support along the way.

Thank you CRJ-Hampshire House Staff for giving me a second chance at living a successful life.

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