Most nights, you'll find Herbie in the kitchen cooking up dinner for himself and his housemates in Community Strategies' Abington group home.

When he’s not cooking, Herbie works part-time at McDonald’s, listens to music, shoots pool, and works out at a local gym.

For the past several years, Herbie has been a proud and active member of the Brockton Lions Club. The club is best known for fighting blindness, but the members also volunteer for many different kinds of community projects, including caring for the environment, feeding the hungry, and aiding seniors and the disabled.

Being part of the club, Herbie has made a difference in the community by providing eyeglasses for the less fortunate, participating in the Annual Brockton Clean-Up Day, joining in the holiday gift wrapping event at the Brockton Mall, and helping to provide hearing aids for the hearing impaired. On a regular basis, Herbie participates in the opening ceremony of the Lions Club by reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and/or the Song of America.

The Lions are in the business of doing good and Lion Herbie is no exception, both at home and in the community.

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