WEST BOYLSTON, Mass. — The men and staff in our West Boylston home have been actively involved in the Adopt-A-Platoon program. They have put together a package of supplies that are hard to come by in Afghanistan. They also write letters to the platoon. The specific platoon they support is out of Ft. Carson, CO. They are stationed in Kandahar.

In response to these support efforts they received two emails from the troops.

I would just like to thank you for the thoughtful care package that you sent to us a few weeks ago. It was greatly appreciated. It is nice to have the constant contact and support from AAP…We are stationed at Ft. Carson, CO in Colorado Springs. It is a beautiful place to live so we cannot wait to get back. The living conditions [are] cramped here but they are not too bad as you get used to them. Our primary mission is to manage the ammunition supply point sowe issue and ship all munitions within southern Afghanistan. It is an important task and I am impressed with the level of professionalism that each soldier has applied to their piece of the puzzle.

We do get spare time every once in a while so most of us like to run the 5k races that are held every few weeks. It keeps everyone in shape and is also a great way to bond as a group. As we progress we will continue to keep in contact. I think a few soldiers have already hand-written you letters. Thank you again for your continued support. Take Care!

A second note stated:

Thank you so much for the packages we received. The soldiers have already put some of the items to good use…The packages have been great so far. You are doing a fantastic job with them.

Everyone really enjoyed the letters as well. You guys help remind us why we do what we do. You have no idea how much you influence the moral of some of these soldiers. So thank you for all you have done and continue to do.

These efforts are another way the West Boylston individuals give to the community. They should be very proud of what they are doing. CRJ is.