BOSTON, Mass. — Watson Academy’s Nicole Walter-Turick led efforts to bring improved Life Skills programming to the clients of the Social Justice Services Department.

Consistent with Community Resources for Justice’s mission to assist our society’s most challenged citizens, Ms. Walter-Turick, along with Watson Academy Director Marcy Rosenthal, have reinvigorated the Life Skills curriculum and brought the services to CRJ’s Boston-area programs. Programs being served are McGrath House, Coolidge House, Brooke House, Sargent House, Watson House and the Somerville Transitions Shelter.

The current Life Skills curriculum consists of topics including independent living skills, job readiness preparation, anger management, and self-esteem building through creative writing. Based on feedback received from clients and CRJ staff alike, Watson Academy’s efforts to reinvent this important programming module is a unanimous success.

Watson Academy is the Department’s comprehensive educational enrichment program, created to enhance and supplement the education services in our various programs. It provides academic programming and assistance, life skills classes, curriculum resources, and educational support and activities throughout the Department. The academy also operates our employee training center in Somerville.

Watson Academy strives to harness our client’s energy and intellect, and empower them with the skills they need to enjoy success in school, at work and in their lives Innovative initiatives coordinated through the Watson Academy have included integrating Transitions Framework training in our youth programs, and implementing the Getting Beyond the System program to increase the self advocacy skills of participants.