Nick P., a resident of the Community Strategies’ residential group home in Bellingham, recently shined in “The Addams Family”, an off-beat horror-comedy musical presented at the Bellingham Marketplace Theatre in March.

The performance was presented by the Extra Special Stars program at the Studio B Dance Center, a unique dance and theatre program designed for people with diverse special needs.

Always the performer, Nick starred as Mal Beineke, the skeptical father of the boy who wishes to marry the spooky family’s grotesque daughter, Wednesday Addams. Mal is shocked to learn that his son had fallen in love with someone who lives her life in such a macabre fashion. He eventually changes his mind and supports the union.

Acting in front of a large audience appeared easy to Nick, as he transitioned effortlessly from one scene to the next. His role as Beineke involved some witty humor and some singing and dancing.

Nick enjoyed discussing his recent performance in “The Addams Family” musical. He said that he enjoyed working with his cast mates and looks forward to working with them again in future musicals. His favorite scene involved Uncle Fester singing to his love, the Moon. Nick chuckled when reminiscing about this scene.

“Acting is fun and I love putting on a show for people,” Nick said.

Nick is a veteran performer, whether on stage or at the Bellingham residence, where you might catch him doing scenes from “Rent,” “High School Musical,” “The Hunchback of Notre Dame,” or “The Little Mermaid” for staff.

Nick has received much support and encouragement from his family and staff in pursuing his theatre ambitions. Nick said he’s grateful for that support and for everyone who has helped provide opportunities for him to realize his dream of becoming an actor and performer.