Residents of Community Strategies' Wrentham residence love checking out vintage cars like this classic Ford Mustang each summer.

Three residents of Community Strategies’ group home in Wrentham recently took a cruise down memory lane to a time when tail fins, chrome, sweeping curves and American muscle ruled the roads.

Melvin Arnesen, David Boyd, Peter Sobol, and David Proia took a step back in time to the golden era of the 1940’s and ‘50s when coupes, Cadillacs, and Corvettes reigned supreme, and continued on their nostalgic journey to the age of the blood-pumping, heart-racing “muscle cars” of the ‘60s and ‘70s.

The classic car shows are one of the men’s favorite activities that takes place during the summer. We attended several shows throughout the summertime, most notably in the Rhode Island towns of Woonsocket and Cumberland. They also attended car shows held on the premises of the Wrentham Developmental Center as well as in the parking lot of the La Salette Shrine in Attleboro.

One of the biggest attractions for the men were the powerhouse muscle cars and the lighter, sportier pony cars.

“I bet some of these Mustangs can go faster than the new cars today,” David said during the car Cumberland car show.

Each show had quite the collection of muscle cars, ranging from Chevrolet Chevelles and Novas to Dodge Chargers and Challengers. Some of the owners revved up their engines for the spectators, helping us catch a glimpse of their raw power and dominance.

All of the classic car shows shared one common theme: the celebration of the “Golden Age” of culture, cars, and music. Every show that we attended had its own radio host, most notably Dr. Dom and “Cruisin’” Bruce Palmer of Worcester’s Rock station, 100FM: “The Pike”. With oldies tunes playing in the background, we took a stroll into the past and walked along the exhibit of classic trucks, cars, motorcycles, and military vehicles, lined up

in rows and ready for inspection. We enjoyed chatting with their owners and asked questions about the history, specifications, and abilities of their vehicles.

The dedicated staff of the Community Strategies program in Wrentham share a common belief that our clients deserve a chance to better integrate and participate in the community. Classic car shows are a fun and enjoyable experience for our clients, as they have an opportunity to mingle with new people, listen to some great tunes, and fantasize rocking and rolling in their own custom-built road warriors.