LEOMINSTER, Mass. — During the winter of 2015 here at the Leominster Wachusett Street residence, we have seen record breaking amounts of snow, totaling around four feet surrounding the whole perimeter of the residence, which is around 2 acres of land.

During these storms all of our staff and individuals work very hard to keep all walk ways clear of snow and ice. This has been a very intense year for staff to keep up with, but they have all given it there best, although here at the Leominster Wachusett street residence, we have one employee who always goes above and beyond.

This employee, John Amistad, who has only been employed with us for a short period of time, has done an exceptional job.  He has ensured not only that all walk ways, stairs and grassed areas were cleared, but also took into consideration that in case of an emergency and a need to get emergency medical teams into the residence,  all path should be at least 5 feet wide to ensure safe evacuation. John has spent hours at a time outside shoveling paths around the entire house.  Not only does John think of the medical and emergency concerns during these storms, he has also kept in mind the need for the oil to be delivered and has ensured the oil pipe entrance was  clear of snow to ensure delivery.