BOSTON, Mass. -- With 83 percent of current Sargent House clients graduated high school, the program has partnered with “Project Place,” “More Than Words,” and “Goodwill Industries” to provide job skills training, vocational case management, and employment referral services. 

These partnerships have resulted in clients that are better prepared for employment upon their transition from the program and provide gainful employment to current clients.

In addition to finding employment opportunities for clients, Sargent House has supported one client’s quest to pursue higher education at Roxbury Community College.    In January 2014, the client enrolled and is taking a full course load.  Sargent House staff are working tirelessly to support his efforts with academic tutoring, time management, and organization skills.

Ordinarily, the clients at Sargent House are enrolled in high school until the age of 22.  The unique situation of having a house full of high school graduates over past several months has allowed the program to develop long lasting relationships with employment organizations. These partnerships will allow Sargent House to better serve clients in the future while fostering positive community connections.