ALBANY, N.Y. -- Many times we are asked about the impact of our halfway houses on the surrounding community.  CRJ works hard to have a positive impact on our neighborhoods. 

At our newest adult program, Horizon House in Albany we have worked to get two new trees planted on our street, replaced the fencing to be in compliance with the local historical requirements, welcomed the neighborhood at an open house, opened our offices for community group meetings, and assisted the neighbors in clearing snow off their sidewalks.

One of our next door neighbors, Wendy, came to the door recently to extend her thanks for taking care of the shoveling outside of her house. She made a few additional statements that made us proud.  First, Wendy told us that she and her children feel safer in the neighborhood knowing that we’re there.  She added that all of her interactions with staff and residents have been very respectful and she feels valued by us. She closed by saying that she made the distinction between, “people that live next to you and neighbors.” She wanted us to know that she considered us real neighbors, in that we’re helpful to those around us and kind in all interactions.

A second neighbor, an elderly woman who has lived in Albany’s South End neighborhood for decades, also stopped recently give us four loaves of zucchini bread.  She came to thank us for keeping her sidewalk shoveled during the short winter and for keeping the whole block free of garbage. She said that she has seen a big improvement in the cleanliness of the neighborhood since we moved in.