MANCHESTER, N.H. -- On Nov. 15, 2012, three members of the Northeast Region Residential Reentry Manager’s office of the Federal Bureau of Prisons conducted an unannounced interim audit of the Hampshire House Residential Reentry Center in Manchester, NH.

The team of FBOP auditors consisted of the Residential Reentry Manager, a Contract Oversight Specialist and a Regional Safety Administrator. The purpose of this monitoring was to assess Hampshire House’s level of compliance with the FBOP contract. This monitoring consisted of a tour of the facility, resident interviews, medication accountability, and a review of resident files, drug testing logs, and Hampshire House’s resident accountability procedures.

For the second consecutive monitoring and the third out of the last five, the Hampshire House received a score of “zero deficiencies” from the FBOP. In addition to earning a perfect score, the Hampshire House received praise from the FBOP for having two “significant program strengths” and two “strengths.” Specifically, the FBOP recognized that the Hampshire House Program exceeded the contract expectations in the areas of community relations, vocational programs, and communication/responsiveness with the local community and the United States Probation Office. In addition to these strengths, the Hampshire House received praise from the FBOP for having a clean and well maintained facility.

Ernest Goodno, Hampshire House Director, said that he is “pleased with the results of the monitoring,” although he added that  he is not surprised.

Goodno credits the continued success of the program to his staff’s “dedication to providing a high quality of service to the residents, the FBOP, and ultimately the communities of New Hampshire.”