MANCHESTER, N.H. -- Every year the Federal Bureau of Prisons conducts a comprehensive program audit on all its community-based programs. 

The Bureau looks at six key areas: Accountability, Programs, Community Relations, Site Validity and Sustainability, Personnel and Communications. The report notes key strengths and weaknesses and gives each program an overall score.

Hampshire House, CRJ’s Residential Reentry Center in Manchester, New Hampshire recently went through this process and received the highest score possible, placing it among the best in the country.  The report  noted that Hampshire House “has worked diligently establishing partnerships with local employers, community programs, and the US Probation Department. …Additionally, [CRJ] utilizes the Hampshire House Advisory Board to increase public awareness of and education about the mission of the Hampshire House RRC and the Bureau of Prisons.” The reviewers also singled out the quality of the program staff and the fact that it is accredited by the American Correctional Association as notable strengths.