On May 10, Coventry residents Daquan Clark and Luis Velez went out fishing with staff Jerome Demers and Richard Espinosa. They boarded the Black Hawk charter boat and set sail from Niantic, CT.

The fishing trip lasted 6 hours, and the residents and staff enjoyed every minute of it. Daquan caught 20 porgies and Luis caught 25 porgies and a striped bass. Daquan and Luis were able to bond like they couldn’t before. Luis has a hearing impairment and despite staff’s help, communication can be difficult between him and Daquan. Now that they both understand each other’s passion for fishing, it gave them some common interests.

After this trip Daquan and Luis were able to explore a couple of other hobbies (cooking and sporting events). The fishing trip has paved the way for great success.