During the annual all-managers meeting in October, five Community Resources for Justice employees received special recognition for their hard work and dedication to the qualities that exemplify CRJ’s mission and values: integrity, excellence, creativity, and compassion.


Nat Franke, CRJ’s manager of budgets and financial systems, received the 2018 CEO Award. After starting with the organization nearly seven years ago, Nat has become the go-to budget person for CRJ. She prepares the system each budget season, trains managers on how to build and input their spending plans, ensures accuracy, and makes sure all changes are processed correctly. In budget meetings, nothing happens without Nat’s involvement and guidance.


Andrew McCatty, assistant director of Brooke House, received the 2018 Integrity Award for demonstrating dependability, reliability, and honesty. Andrew joined Brooke House in 2010 and has been a valued member of the team ever since. This past year, Andrew stepped up during a difficult year for Brooke, setting the example of being extremely flexible and willing to pitch in whenever he could. He takes things in stride, looks for positivity in every situation, and treats everyone with kindness.


Jessica Smith, program director at Horizon House in Albany, New York, received the 2018 Excellence Award for consistently delivering the highest standard of care, resulting in superior service and distinction for CRJ. Jess started at Horizon House nearly six years ago as a case manager, rising through the ranks to assistant director and interim director to program director. She faces challenges head on, makes and keeps commitments, and constructively pushes back on peers and superiors, receiving recognition not only from CRJ but also the Federal Bureau of Prisons.


Madeline Warren, senior policy specialist at the Crime and Justice Institute, received the 2018 Creativity Award for demonstrating imagination, resourcefulness, and innovation in overcoming problems and developing new models of care and support. Madeline is head of the pretrial reform portfolio at CJI and has worked tirelessly to raise the profile of this developing area of the organization’s work. Madeline is also great with clients, demonstrating respect while also pushing them to achieve their goals.


Younousse Ndoye, program manager of CRJ’s Medway group home, received the 2018 Compassion Award for demonstrating kindness and empathy in a way that honors CRJ’s clients and promotes an environment that is safe, just, and inclusive. Younousse has showed compassion to clients and his peers, helping with staff shortages and friendly advice. His compassion has made an impression on colleagues, state regulators, and clients’ family members or guardians.

The following employees were also nominated for outstanding work this year:

  • Gabriella Priest
  • Wendy Signer
  • CSMA Clinical Department
  • Molly Robustelli
  • Jim Greene
  • Terry Lorette
  • Anthony Acevado
  • Fatima Sousa
  • Janet Kachadoorian
  • Pete Mundell
  • Natasha Winslow
  • Barbara Durham-Goodwin
  • Heriberto Crespo
  • Maura McNamara
  • Mauricio Claret
  • Brittany S. Rowell
  • Barry Paton
  • Michelle White
  • Pierre Lubin