BOSTON, Mass. — The Norfolk County Sheriff’s Office this month finalized a contract with CRJ to transfer three male inmates, with an option to increase this number, to our Brooke House program. The soon-to-be Brooke House residents will receive an array of pre-release services from the program, with the goal of better equipping the men for full release.

Based upon the results of risk and need assessments, the Brooke House staff will craft individualized program plans for each resident and engage the men in comprehensive case management services, employment assistance programs, chemical dependency or mental health treatment programs, housing assistance, financial management, and a thorough discharge planning process.

Community Resources for Justice’s partnership with the Norfolk County Sheriff’s Office is yet another indication of the high quality work being produced by the company’s programs. Both CRJ and the Brooke House are anticipating a mutually beneficial and lasting relationship with the Norfolk County Sheriff’s Office, marked by the inspiring success of those served.