On June 20, 2014, 19 CRJ employees graduated from the Emerging Leaders Program. As part of CRJ’s Management Development training, the Emerging Leaders Program is designed to benefit aspiring leaders develop their leadership capabilities, management skills, and confidence to advance their professional contributions and accelerate their careers.

In two intensive weeks, participants worked on developing their communication, self-awareness, and professional adaptability, teamwork and leadership skills.

The program assisted CRJ employees with not only understanding professional goals and leadership styles, but also with gaining personal insights. Through personality inventories that provide information about leadership preferences and interactive sessions, program participants left the training with practical knowledge about themselves and their abilities to lead.

The classes were facilitated by Pat Sordill, founder and president of Sordill Consulting, a consulting firm specializing in customized training and development services. Pat has been working with CRJ for the past several years and conducted CRJ’s first ELP program.

“ELP gave me the tools to help me become a great manager. I learned a lot about myself. I also met wonderful people with many talents.” – Bupe Rupia, Program Manager/ Fitchburg Residence

“ELP gave me an opportunity to learn that no matter how challenging a problem may be, it can be solved through persistence, team work, and creative thinking.” –Ryan McCluskey, Program Supervisor, Coolidge House RRC

“ELP gave me the chance to reflect upon my own management style and realize areas of improvement by working closely with peers and maintaining an open mind.” –James Fenton, Administrative Services Coordinator