BOSTON, Mass. — During the period of June 2nd through June 4th we celebrated the first full monitoring of the Coolidge/McGrath programs new contract. Coolidge and McGrath were acknowledged for having exceeded, in a significant way, the mandates of contractual requirements. The identified program strengths were:

  • Employment readiness program at Coolidge and McGrath through the exceptional efforts of Alana Flood, the Social Services Coordinator, and through the impressive use of community based programs to achieve high employment rates at both programs.
  • Family reunification efforts of Case Manager Gianna Franco and the successful advocacy on behalf of a resident which led to her retaining custody of her child.
  • The programs took part  in “Boston Shines”, Worcester Square Neighborhood Association, and the Northampton Community Garden.

Both Coolidge and McGrath House look forward to showcasing the great effort being put into each program during our next monitoring.