Painting of a rainbow


Colorful squares of cloth sewn together to make a quilt

Staff and residents from Community Strategies’ Massachusetts programs gathered at the Middleboro house on June 24 to celebrate Pride Month with a carnival.

The staff and individuals came together to support the LGBTQ+ community and celebrate love. They participated in a day of yard games, crafts, and snacks while enjoying the beautiful weather and mingling with extended CRJ staff. Individuals participated in a decorating quilt squares that will be sewn together to display in the Shirley Office.

Everyone involved had a fun day where they were able to reconnect with familiar faces and spend quality time together.

Two people smiling in front of a banner with rainbow colors and the words "Celebrate Love"

CRJ President and CEO Deb O’Brien and Vice President of HR & Culture Pierre Lubin attended the Pride Month celebration in Middleboro on June 24.