There are many similarities between CRJ’s Westborough and Brookfield homes. Both are home to five women supported by our staff. Both are actively engaged in healthy living initiatives that have seen remarkable weight losses among the residents.  And both are actively engaged in neighborhood and community events that give back to the areas they live in.

Despite being 38 miles apart, both houses are working on many similar projects.  The houses regularly write letters and draw pictures that are sent to terminally ill children. Both work on clothing drives with local libraries and donated clothes to the Springfield, MA Rescue Mission. Over the holidays, they mailed letters and cards to our troops and to families of 9/11 victims.

The Westborough Residence also participated in the local MS walk by handing out fruit and water to walkers. And, the women are fully engaged in supporting their roommate as she participates in her first Walk for Hunger in Boston.

Brookfield supports the local Autism walk by folding the walkers t-shirts in advance of the event. They annually work at the “Clean Sweep” day in Town of Brookfield and are working with the town in the hopes of being a cleanup crew for events on the town common.  And it is not unusual to find a letter to the editor of the local newspaper written by one of the women.

One of CRJ’s goals is to promote civic engagement on the part of people we support.  We are very proud of the women from Westborough and Brookfield in what they have given to their communities.