Ryan D., a resident of the Community Strategies’ group home in Medway, recently celebrated his second anniversary of working at Market Basket in Bellingham, a milestone he reached by overcoming obstacles and building his confidence.

Talking about work is exciting for Ryan. He stated that he began working at Market Basket on Oct. 20, 2015 after going through a very competitive application process. He gives credit to staff for helping him stay focused and completing what needs to be done at work. Ryan described his first day as a “nerve-wracking” experience. He explained that he was afraid to make mistakes, but with some help and guidance, he overcame his fears and succeeded at his new workplace.

Providing quality customer service is one of Ryan’s top priorities while on the job. He explains,

“I always commit 110 percent,” he said. “Helping people makes me feel good on the inside. I feel like I’m giving back to the community.”

There are also stressful days at work, but Ryan has some advice for coping with those less-than-cheerful moments: “Remain positive and level-headed while continuing to treat customers with respect.”

His hard work doesn’t go unnoticed at Market Basket. An elderly customer named Mary was so impressed with Ryan’s professionalism that she wrote a thank you letter to the store manager detailing her appreciation of Ryan’s cheerful attitude while assisting her.

In her letter, Mary wrote that “Ryan was so professional and kind… and what a terrific person this young man is.”

Ryan said that he is very proud of this moment, as he tries to exemplify the professionalism of a great employee every day.

Ryan has taken significant strides in achieving personal success at Market Basket. He has recently conquered his goal in being able to work unsupervised and unassisted by a job coach for the first time. He said that he feels very proud of himself, more independent, and that he’ll carry on doing the best that he can at work and in the community. He continues to work hard and keep a positive attitude with a smile on his face every day on the job.

Ryan offered some advice for his fellow clients and staff at Community Strategies: “If you work hard every single day, give it your all, and never quit, you’ll get to where you want to go in time.”

CRJ congratulates Ryan on his success at work!