Christine Cole, vice president of Community Resources for Justice and executive director of the Crime and Justice Institute, was quoted in a Feb. 5 article in the Wall Street Journal about the unrest in Ferguson.

From the original article by Ben Kesling:

Months after Ferguson, Mo., erupted in protests over the police killing of an unarmed black teenage suspect, authorities are stepping up efforts to find and potentially charge hundreds of people captured on surveillance video breaking windows, lighting fires and making off with merchandise.

Some caution that taking a hard line on prosecuting everyone , from hard-core arsonists to petty criminals who were swept up in the moment, could prolong the recovery process.

Christine Cole, Executive Director of CRJ’s Crime and Justice Institute, said:

So much of what we say with arrest and prosecution is often emotionally based. I want them to focus on the arsonist and not the petty thief.

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