During the months of May and June, CJI partnered with the Social Justice Services (SJS) Department of CRJ to train the majority of SJS staff in Effective Practices for Correctional Supervision (EPICS). Funding for the collaborative training was provided by the Gardiner Howland Shaw Foundation.

Training participants included case managers, program directors and assistant directors, program supervisors, employment specialists, and intake release coordinators. The commitment from SJS leadership was further exemplified by the participation of the Department Director and both Deputies as well.

Developed by the University of Cincinnati, Effective Practices for Correctional Supervision (EPICS) teaches community-based criminal justice professionals how to apply the principles of effective intervention and core correctional practices, including relationship skills, cognitive restructuring, structured skill use of authority, to community supervision practices.

This training helps staff to put case management practices into place that are based on the risk, need, and responsivity principles and that target the criminogenic needs of high-risk offenders. The trainings were a huge success and will help SJS move towards their goal implementing evidence-based practices. In an evaluation of the training, one participant wrote, “ Prior to this training, I felt like a firefighter. Now, I feel like a fire prevention specialist.”