Due to the exceptional behavior from Alisha Nadeau from Community Strategies of Connecticut, she has been able to go on several bonus trips.

She picks out the activity that she wants to do, she saves up her money, and when she has met the criteria of going a month without a restraint, she is able to access her bonus trip.

We are also extremely proud of her because she went through a significant transition when one of her staff members who she had for the first nine months of being in the house went from full time to part time and completely switched her shifts.  Alisha had this staff member for meaningful activity hours every day, Monday through Friday.  They had a close bond and had seen tremendous progress working together.  Everyone was concerned about this time period of transitioning to a new meaningful activity staff member. Alisha has handled this transition extremely well.  She has dealt with the change and coped with it.  She has handled each transition with grace and understanding.

Alisha has also actively been involved with the Special Olympics. She participated in two events where she did the 200 meters along with the shot put/softball throw. Alisha came in first place for the softball throw. Alisha’s parents, and the director of a cat shelter where she volunteers, went down to support her. It is great to see how well Alisha is doing and the impact that she has on people.