A graphic showing the following survey results: 93% feel safe in their neighborhood; 93% think staff is helpful to them; 91% feel they spend enough time at home; 95% feel they have possessions of their own; 92% feel they have a choice of places to visit; 90% feel staff members do a good job

SHIRLEY, Mass. – Clients in Community Resources for Justice’s Massachusetts programs for adults with developmental disabilities feel safe in their homes and supported in their communities, according to an annual survey.

Each year, CRJ’s Community Strategies division seeks feedback from clients living in more than three-dozen group homes throughout the state. As in past years, the results were overwhelmingly positive. Of those who returned the survey:

  • 93 percent said they feel safe in their neighborhood,
  • 93 percent said they think staff are helpful,
  • 91 percent said they spend enough time at home,
  • 95 percent said they have their own possessions,
  • 92 percent said they can choose the places they visit, and
  • 90 percent said that staff members do a good job.

Community Strategies staff encourage clients to pursue their own interests and advocate for themselves. Programs support clients to be active members of their communities and live as independently as possible.

Click here to download a copy of the survey highlights.