The systemic injustice of bias, violence, and intimidation in our society, including our government agencies, public services, and laws, must end. The killing of George Floyd in May catalyzed a renewed national conversation on racism and inequality, but these injustices are not new; they have been with us for centuries.

CRJ rejects racism in all its forms and is committed to supporting anti-racist policies and causes that will build real, meaningful change in our society. We will carry forward this commitment as we continue our work to change lives and build safer, stronger communities. CRJ has also committed to strengthening our organization internally through an ongoing process to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion at all levels.

Our work touches many aspects of the struggle for justice and equality. We support individuals who’ve been incarcerated and people with developmental disabilities to overcome discriminatory barriers so they can thrive in the community. We advocate for programs and policy solutions that seek to dismantle those barriers that have limited access to housing, employment, and much more. We work with police departments and corrections agencies to develop practices and ensure they follow policies that recognize and protect individuals’ civil rights.

We recognize that there is much hard work to come in order to advance the goals of equality and anti-racism, and we commit to joining in that work. We face the future with hope that our nation can achieve healing, change, and true justice.