Working with some of society's most vulnerable people for over 130 years

By the Numbers

Today, CRJ has an annual operating budget in excess of $40,000,000 and employs nearly 600 people. While most work is focused at present in the northeastern United States,  CRJ is also engaged in work in various states around the nation. 

CRJ's principal source of revenue is through service contracts with federal, state, and local governments, CRJ also seeks private support from individuals, foundations, and businesses that are committed to our mission. 

Summary Data of Interest

Community Strategies

Number of facilities: 30 group homes in 3 states

Social Justice Services

Number of facilities: 7 programs in 2 states

The Crime and Justice Institute

Number of Project Contracts: 24 (2013)

Number of States in which CJI has conducted business: 33 (2013)