At CRJ, resident safety has always been a high priority. Our staff approach to continually ensure a safe and healthy culture is through the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA).

As required, CRJ has worked to maintain compliance with PREA.

PREA was created to eliminate sexual abuse in correctional facilities. PREA is a federal legislation that requires correctional facilities to comply with specific regulations that provide for a zero-tolerance stance against any sexual abuse or sexual harassment incidents between residents, staff, volunteers and contractors. At CRJ, a zero-tolerance policy addresses all the PREA requirements.

Specifically, the adult programs of the Social Justice Services Department (SJS) adhere to the PREA requirements. Staff and resident of these SJS programs have been trained in PREA policies and procedures and know what to do in the event of an actual sexual assault or sexual harassment incident. CRJ also has staff who are specially trained to investigate sexual harassment incidents according to PREA and serve as investigators. Five of six SJS programs have completed their first PREA audit by a certified, PREA Trained auditor. The findings of these five audits are available to view (see below for the link to the specific program report).

Anyone can report a case of sexual abuse or sexual harassment. A staff person, a resident, a member of a resident’s family or a resident’s friend. All reports will be investigated and kept confidential.

To contact the CRJ PREA Coordinator, please send e-mail to: All information will be kept confidential.

Click here to access the form for a resident, or a staff person to report sexual abuse or sexual harassment at CRJ’s SJS adult program.

Click here to report a sexual abuse or sexual harassment case as a 3rd party (a resident’s family or a resident’s friend).

CRJ’s PREA Policy and Procedures Policy 900.00 – Staff and Resident Sexual Abuse and Sexual Harassment (PREA).

PREA Audit Reports






To learn more about PREA, go to the National PREA Resource Center at:

Click here for the 2019 CRJ PREA Annual Report.

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