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Crime, Cost, and Consequences: Is It TIme to Get Smart on Crime?

In this tough fiscal environment, corrections budgets are unnecessarily crowding out other state spending for public health, higher education, etc. This report sparks a serious discussion on how to bring the Commonwealth into line with innovative reform efforts around the country, and in doing so, lower cost and increase public safety.

Below are two position statements that express CRJ's commitment to public safety and lay out the groundwork for effective system improvement and safer neoghborhoods for all.

Enhancing Public Safety, Accountability and Fiscal Responsibility.

Community Resources for Justice has been working to strenghen communities and enhance public safety for over 130 years. Our extensive work in the areas of research, policy development and implementation, and direct services makes us uniquely situated to identify critical public safety reforms. 

Enhancing Public Safety in Urban Communities.

By bridging the gap between research and implementation, we know that solving complex problems and creating safer neighborhoods is possible. The solutions that work to strengthen piblic safety. enhance accountability and create fiscal efficiency may not be "simple" but they are smart, tough and within reach.