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Wednesday Series VII: Practical Considerations for Defense

Using Evidence to Promote Public Safety - Practical Considerations for Defense

Wednesday Series: Using Science in Criminal Justice to Achieve Better Results
Broadcast Date: September 8, 2010

Featured Presenter:

Cait Clarke Photo Cait Clarke
Director of Public Interest Law Opportunities
Equal Justice Works


Richard Goemann Photo Richard Goemann
Executive Director
DC Law Students

Chris Flood Photo Chris Flood
Deputy Defender
Orleans Public Defenders Office

Tim Young Photo Tim Young
Office of the Ohio Public Defender

Developed for Practicing Attorneys, Jail and Prison officials, Community Corrections officials, Policy Makers and other Criminal Justice Professionals

  • The implementation of evidence-based practices (EBP) in a criminal justice system raises opportunities and challenges for defense attorneys.
  • The importance of collaboration in EBP implementation sets the stage for defense counsel to play a prominent role at the policy-making table.
  • While the implementation of EBP provides numerous potential benefits to clients it also requires defense counsel to understand its impact on the rights of defendants, the practice of criminal defense, and the policy-making process.
  • Some practical considerations include the validity of risk and need assessments at various decision making points and the appropriateness of correctional interventions.

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