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Wednesday Series VI: Treatment in the Criminal Justice System

Effective Clinical Practices Treating Clients in the Criminal Justice System

Wednesday Series: Using Science in Criminal Justice to Achieve Better Results
Broadcast Date: August 11, 2010

Featured Presenter:

Martin Photo Ginger Martin
Assistant Director
Oregon Department of Corrections


Delude Photo Maureen Delude
Program Manager, Contractor Data Collection System
Connecticut Court Support Services Division

Lowenkamp Photo Chris Lowenkamp, Ph.D.
Probation Administrator
Office of Probation and Pretrial Services, U.S. Probation

Taxman Photo Faye Taxman, Ph.D.
Associate Chair, Criminology, Law and Society
George Mason University

Developed for Treatment Providers, Jail and Prison officials, Community Corrections officials, Policy Makers, and other Criminal Justice Professionals

  • Approximately 80% of prison inmates need treatment, less than 15% receive any treatment during imprisonment.
  • Effective treatment can have a significant impact on public safety.
  • While there are many specific modalities that are widely considered evidence-based clinical practices for treating criminal justice clients, the availability of appropriate treatment is seriously limited.
  • Collaboration between corrections and treatment professionals is essential to public safety.

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