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Wednesday Series V: Jails & Prisons

Evidence-Based Principles for Enhancing Correctional Results in Jails and Prisons

Wednesday Series: Using Science in Criminal Justice to Achieve Better Results
Broadcast Date: July 14, 2010

Featured Presenter & Moderator:
Daniel R. Craig
Medical and Classification Center, Iowa Department of Corrections


Gary E. Christensen
Corrections Partners, Inc.

Cindy McCoy
Grant County Correctional Services

Max Williams
Oregon Department of Corrections

Developed for Jail and Prison officials, Community Corrections officials, Policy Makers and other Criminal Justice Professionals

  • Approximately 97% of all inmates now in US prisons will eventually be released and returned to the community.
  • The Bureau of Justice Statistics reports that 67.5% of offenders are rearrested within three years of release.
  • Prison misconducts can be predicted and correctional programming that targets criminal risk factors significantly reduces the rate of prison misconduct and recidivism.
  • Community corrections and prisons must work together to meet their shared responsibility to reduce risk and enhance public safety

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