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Wednesday Series II: State Judiciaries

Evidence-Based Policies and Practices to Reduce Recidivism: Implications for State Judiciaries

Wednesday Series: Using Science in Criminal Justice to Achieve Better Results

Broadcast Date: April 14, 2010

Presenter & Moderator:
Honorable Christine Durham
Chief Justice
Utah Supreme Court

Mr. Stephen Bouch
Court Executive Officer
Napa County, California Superior Court

Judge Jean Maurer
Multnomah County, Oregon Circuit Court Judge

Chairman Catherine McVey
Pennsylvania Paroling Authorities

Developed for Judges and Other Criminal Justice Professionals

  • 94% of our nation’s felony offenders are sentenced in state courts
  • Research shows incarceration is not an effective crime-control strategy
  • We need data-driven sentencing policies that guide the management of offenders to the most effective interventions
  • Judges are natural advocates of evidence-based practices and use data as a tool in sentencing
  • Effective treatment is essential for many lower-risk offenders
  • Barriers within systems are present, but are not outside the influence and control of a judge

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