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Third Annual Conference on Public Safety Realignment

Innovations in Public Safety and Justice in California: Integrating Resources to Achieve Successful Outcomes

Thursday, October 24 and Friday, October 25, 2013
Memorial Auditorium in Sacramento

The annual Public Safety Realignment conference brings together public safety, corrections, justice, policy and service agency executives to examine public safety and justice innovations in California counties.  At the direction of the Joint Training Partnership among the California State Association of Counties, California State Sheriffs’ Association and the Chief Probation Officers of California, the 2013 conference was designed by CJI to afford Community Corrections Partnerships (CCPs) the opportunity to re-think mechanisms for integrating resources to produce maximum public safety benefits for communities, tax payers and justice-involved populations. 

Presentations highlight efforts to integrate resources across the justice system – from the initial point of contact, to diversion and treatment, to release and detention decisions, to supervision and custody, to reintegration into the community.  Efforts to achieve successful outcomes are explored from multiple viewpoints.  Topics include opportunities to integrate resources, connecting justice-involved individuals to services, determining impact, changing behavior, and leveraging federal dollars for treatment.  Comprehensive and holistic approaches from across the state to minimize harm and maximize safety will are emphasized.

The conference was designed for County Supervisors, Chief Probation Officers, Sheriffs, District Attorneys, Public Defenders, Judges, County Administrative Officers, Police Chiefs, Health and Human Service Providers and other system stakeholders in California.  It is sponsored by the California State Association of Counties, California Sheriffs’ Association and Chief Probation Officers of California.  Additional funding support provided by Californians for Safety and Justice. 

Conference Materials:

•  Conference brochure
•  Conference agenda
•  Participant materials
Speaker biographies
•  Materials by session
Video of the Welcome and Introductory Remarks
Video of the Conference Keynote
Opportunities to Integrate Resources for Success
- Santa Clara County’s New Deal: Misdemeanor Diversion, Alternative Resolution and Seeing It a Different Way
- Placer County’s Collaborative Efforts to Triage Resources According to Risk Level
- Sacramento County's Collaborative Approach to Responding to Violations of PRCS and Parole Supervision
- Video of Opportunities to Integrate Resources for Success
Creative Strategies for Connecting Justice-Involved Individuals to Services
- San Joaquin County’s Collaborative Strategies for Achieving Successful Outcomes for Violent Offenders
- San Diego County’s Mandatory Supervision Court: Blueprint for Success
- Video of Creative Strategies for Connecting Justice-Involved Individuals to Services
Determine Your Impact
- The Pew-MacArthur Results First Initiative: Targeting Resources to Successful Programs
- Results First in Santa Barbara: The County Perspective
- BSCC-PPIC Multi-county Study
- Video of Determine Your Impact
Getting To Desired Outcomes: From Compliance to Behavior Change
- Video of Getting to Desired Outcomes: From Compliance to Behavior Change
Leveraging Federal Dollars for Treatment to Reduce Recidivism
- San Bernardino County Probation Department’s Realignment Panel
- Los Angeles County’s Increasing Medi-Cal Enrollment and Access to Treatment
- Video of Leveraging Federal Dollars for Treatment to Reduce Recidivism
Answering the Call:  Examples from California Counties that are Minimizing Harm and Maximizing Benefit through the Integration of Services  
- Sonoma County’s System-wide Efforts to Improve the Broader Criminal Justice System
- Contra Costa County’s Implementation of Its Reentry Strategic Plan and Integrated Service Efforts
- Marin County Sheriff’s Office Re-Entry Team
- Video of Answering the Call
Additional resources
- Partnership for Community Excellence
- Increasing Safety & Reducing Costs under Realignment and the Affordable Care Act
- The Risk-Need-Responsivity Simulation Tool
- The Risk-Need-Responsivity Simulation Tool: Knowledge Translation in Santa Cruz, CA

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