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Principles of Effective Intervention

Training description:

  • Rehabilitation programs and services are most effective when they are implemented and operated according to the Principles of Effective Intervention (PEI): risk, need, responsivity and fidelity
  • Decades of research have demonstrated that when these principles are adhered to, recidivism is reduced and the  likelihood for positive behavioral change is increased
  • During this training, participants gain an understanding of the importance of adherence to these principles at all stages of the criminal and juvenile justice systems through interactive discussion, activities and skills practice

Audience: Tailored to a variety of audiences including judges, attorneys, community supervision officers, institutional staff, case managers, and program staff

Juvenile Justice or Adult Criminal Justice: Both

Duration: Ranges from a half day to two days (4 to 16 hours) of instruction depending on the audience and previous exposure to the principles

Prerequisite: None 

CJI is able to tailor training content to the specific needs of the organization. Our trainers also offer coaching and training-of-trainers to increase the capacity of organizations to deliver training themselves. Please contact Kristin Bechtel at to discuss your specific training needs