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Graduated Responses as an Evidence Based Practice

Training description:

  • Research on what works in the criminal and juvenile justice systems highlights the importance of appropriately responding to positive and negative behavior to support prosocial behavioral change, given that punishment alone is not an effective approach
  • Appropriate response includes proportionate, consistent and timely consequences for behavior
  • Graduated responses enhance interactions between staff and clients
  • This training incorporates the Principles of Effective Intervention and Cognitive Interaction Skills/Core Correctional Practices as a foundation, then focuses on how graduated responses can be used effectively in interactions with clients
  • The curriculum incorporates practice opportunities utilizing graduated responses, allowing participants to feel confident using the skills in their roles

AudienceDirect service staff, case managers, and their supervisors working in community and institutional settings

Juvenile Justice or Adult Criminal Justice Populations: Both

DurationRanges from one to two days (8 to 16 hours) of instruction

Prerequisite: Principles of Effective Intervention training

CJI is able to tailor training content to the specific needs of the organization. Our trainers also offer coaching and training-of-trainers to increase the capacity of organizations to deliver training themselves. Please contact Kristin Bechtel at to discuss your specific training needs