Providing nonpartisan policy analysis, consulting, and
research services to improve public safety throughout the nation.

About the Crime and Justice Institute

The Crime & Justice Institute (CJI) at Community Resources for Justice (CRJ) works with local, state and national criminal justice organizations to improve public safety and the delivery of justice throughout the country. With a reputation built over many decades for innovative thinking, unbiased issue analysis, and a client-centered approach, CJI can help your organization achieve better, more cost-effective results for the communities you serve. 


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Who We Are

Our team brings decades of experience developing evidence-based, data-driven policies, managing complex processes with diverse stakeholders, and driving systems-level organizational change. CJI’s energetic staff and network of consultants come from a variety of backgrounds in the criminal justice, public administration and social science fields, including individuals with experience in:

  • Public policy & administration
  • Institutional and community corrections (field work & management)
  • Policing & public safety
  • Pretrial services
  • Research & evaluation
  • Advocacy & public affairs
  • Criminal law (prosecution and defense)
  • Social sciences  
  • Human services
  • Data systems development & management
  • Sentencing policy & practices
  • Victim services

Our Approach

CJI develops strong partnerships with organizations to improve performance and build your capacity for lasting change.  We go beyond simply delivering technical assistance: our goal is to develop your organization’s long-term capacity and create an “appetite for data” that ensures the sustainability and success of initiatives long after our technical assistance engagement.

Our strength lies in our ability to bridge the gap between research, policy, and practice. Our recommendations are informed by the latest research and knowledge of what has worked in other organizations. We also understand, however, that your challenges and systems are too complex for a cookie-cutter approach. Instead, we will work collaboratively with you to understand your goals, assess your jurisdiction’s strengths and needs, and develop evidence-based, data-driven recommendations to help achieve those goals.

What CJI Can Do For You

CJI’s nonpartisan policy analysis, implementation consulting, capacity building assistance and research services can help your organization improve public safety and the delivery of justice.

We work with organizations throughout the criminal justice process, from police agencies to courts and community and institutional corrections systems. Our services include:

Assessment: Our team will customize a package of tools to help you determine the strengths and developmental needs of your organization as you embark on a change process – and then work with you to translate the results into an action plan. 

Policy Development and Analysis: CJI's work in policy development, education, and analysis in various states across the country has led to significant changes in statutes and policies designed to reduce the cost of corrections while improving outcomes and public safety. We will help you develop evidence-based policies – based on the current research and your organization’s data – to improve the performance of your system.

Capacity Building and Implementation Assistance: CJI is reshaping the way justice organizations and systems implement evidence-based practices. We can work with you every step of the way: assessing your agency or system's current policies, practices, programs, and culture; developing a tailored implementation strategy; providing you with an array of services and trainings to build your capacity for lasting change; and creating a system for evaluation and continuous improvement. Most of all, we will help you adapt, evolve, and lead through the change process to sustainably achieve your desired results.

Training to Build Capacity: At CJI, we see training as much more than an event.  An effective and thoughtful training process is an essential component of evidence-based system reform, both for relaying content on new business practices and supporting sustainable organizational change. CJI offers training on many topics (in-person and online) and can tailor training processes to the specific needs of your organization. We also offer training-of-trainers to increase your organization’s capacity to conduct ongoing training and coaching to ensure skills learned in training are incorporated into daily practice.  

Research and Evaluation: Our research and program evaluation services include study design and implementation and a variety of qualitative and quantitative methods. CJI has successfully served as a collaborative research partner and consultant to local criminal justice and community agencies to help prevent and reduce crime.

Data Development & Analysis: At CJI, we love data – and we can help your organization learn to love it, too. Our team can help you design an effective data collection and analysis system, assure the quality of the data, develop and use performance metrics strategically, and create a data-driven system for continuous quality improvement.