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EBP Webinars

EBP Webinars

Using Science in Criminal Justice Practice to Achieve Better Results
A Series for Policy Makers, Criminal Justice Professionals and Stakeholders

CJI hosted a series of webinars, known as the Wednesday Series, to engage researchers and practitioners in building a community of practice around evidence-based practices to reduce recidivism from a variety of stakeholder perspectives. The webinars were based upon CJI’s groundbreaking EBP Box Set papers. The free webinars were broadcast live to over 600 participants. Since the initial broadcasts they continue to be downloaded frequently for use in a variety of settings.

Click on the webinar titles below to view, listen, and read about individual series:


Stakeholder Perspective

Webinar Title


Community Corrections

Implementing Evidence-Based Practices in Community Corrections




Evidence-Based Practices to Reduce Recidivism: Implications for State Judiciaries




Using Evidence to Promote Public Safety: Practical Considerations for Prosecution




Evidence-Based Practice in Pretrial Services: Applications of Principles, Laws, and Research




Evidence-Based Principles for Enhancing Correctional Results in Jails and Prisons




Effective Clinical Practices Treating Clients in the Criminal Justice System




Using Evidence to Promote Public Safety: Practical Considerations for Defense


State and local jurisdictions are realizing that incarceration is a major contributor to the rapid depletion of scarce public resources. In the economic climate, there is a heightened need and awareness for improved accountability and public safety, employing the very highest levels of cost-effectiveness.

Crime and Justice Institute at Community Resources for Justice and the National Institute of Corrections released their comprehensive 8-part series of papers known as the Box Set (available for free download).

The Box Set is unique as it is the first complementary set of papers that addresses evidence-based practices within various facets of criminal justice systems for multiple stakeholder groups. The Box Set was developed as a means of sharing the research that criminal justice system stakeholders and community partners need to implement a system of evidence-based policies and practices and to enhance public safety, reduce costs, and improve offender results.


Ask the Experts

This series of interactive webinars was designed to share information, answer your questions, and create a community of learning around evidence-based practices (EBP) in corrections. They served as an opportunity for viewers to speak directly to the researchers, authors, policy makers, and criminal justice professionals who are doing this work.

The Wednesday Series introduced the main concepts of each paper in the Box Set. Panel members and moderators included policy makers and experts from a variety of agencies that have been working in evidence-based environments. Panelists shared their experiences and lessons learned in the following practice areas: Community Corrections, Judiciary, Prosecution and Defense, Jails and Prisons, Pretrial, and Treatment.


Your Questions - Answered

  • How can my system move to become more evidence-based?
  • How can decision-makers get better information using research, build on what works, and change what does not?
  • How can we safely divert lower risk offenders out of institutions, provide more effective interventions in the community, and reserve institutional space for high risk individuals?