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Coming Home Reentry Resource Directory

Coming Home Reentry Resource Directory

Project Overview

With funding from the Gardiner Howland Shaw Foundation, the Crime and Justice Institute (CJI) at Community Resources for Justice (CRJ) manages, produces, and distributes on a yearly basis, the Coming Home Reentry Resource Directory, a compilation of services available to ex-offenders returning to or living in Greater Boston communities. It presents important information for ex-offenders, corrections practitioners and policymakers, as well as those with an interest in accessing services for ex-offenders, including their families and friends, volunteers, and other service providers. The Directory is made available online as well as in hardcopy form, making it easily accessible.

Feedback from Directory Users
"…[I] can honestly say that it's a useful tool, the project team put a lot of research, time, and thought into it …Kudos to those who put it together because they have come as close as you can get to a 'one stop shop' of reentry resources."
"…It's a good document, I think it's helpful and puts a positive spin on reentry…which for the majority of inmates is scary because it's the unknown. It does so in a very basic way so that they can understand it."

Goal of the Coming Home Directory

The transition of offenders from incarceration to the community is a difficult time for ex-offenders and this transition affects their families and the communities to which they return. The needs of the population returning from prison or jail can present significant obstacles to achieving stability. Yet, there are many services and agencies in these communities that provide the type of assistance that can mean the difference between an ex-offender's success and a return to prison or jail. This effort is intended to identify and describe these services and distribute this information to as broad an audience as possible.

Project Details

Through this initiative, CJI:

  • Updates the Directory annually through outreach to currently listed organizations and programs, and to services and programs not in the Directory whose presence in the Directory would be of benefit to users, and;
  • Conducts dissemination and outreach efforts to expand the users of the Directory to include all organizations identified in the Directory, state agencies that interact with ex-offenders, their families or friends, community organizations, and institutions.

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